UnionWorking Podcast

Bonus - A UW Breakfast Discussion

March 06, 2020 UnionWorking Season 1
UnionWorking Podcast
Bonus - A UW Breakfast Discussion
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A bonus episode gives you a rare inside look at how the UnionWorking group/core functions as a non-partisan, solution-based group since its inception in mid-2016. Agendas, opinions, jokes, sneers, laughs and getting down to business, is the fun of this episode. We show up and we get “shit” done. Period.

UW Voices: Mike C. Nelson, Kevin Ashworth, Jim Connor, Cindy Drummond, Rob Fitzgerald, Kevin E. West, Matthew Jaeger, Kelly Hawthorne, Kevin McCorkle

References: UW’s YouTube channel, Presidential Campaign Town Hall, UW Hats

This UnionWorking Podcast episode was recorded May 31, 2019, at Culver City Casting Studios.
Big thanks to our EP Jack for getting the UW podcast rolling!
Executive Producer Jack Levy: jack@podcastsage.com / 818-233-0640

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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spk_0:   0:03
doing lines. So, first of

spk_2:   0:05
all, we should identify ourselves Going to go around the room. Sure you want to start? Mike?

spk_1:   0:11
Mike Gone. Are we ready? Todo that whole last

spk_0:   0:14
20 minutes have been recorded. Awesome. It's hard to say your name when you're talking over me. Kevin.

spk_1:   0:22
Hi, everybody. Mike. See, Nelson Time

spk_5:   0:24
I, oh, from groups are

spk_6:   0:26
Kevin Nash. Word.

spk_7:   0:28
I'm going. Ashworth was

spk_0:   0:34
starting, and I have our tickets to tell the truth. I'm Cindy Drama. I'm Errol listening about. We're doing it again. Do it again and radio. My

spk_2:   0:49
name is the young Rob Fitzgerald.

spk_3:   0:53
Wow. Uh, Kevin us. But all the cool kids call me Kevin E. We

spk_0:   0:58
call him cute. Okay. Hi. I'm Matthew Jaker. Hi, I'm Kelly. Together we are way monkeys were the highly organized group. Way to talk about what I do. Want a clear way to have an agenda. It's right there. We always have an agenda. Breck. Have any west? Everybody? What's the agenda I've codified? First question was what is the pledge again? That's your thing, is my thing. We've got talking about something. Way crinkly

spk_1:   1:40
row. We got a old woman and a man in a candy

spk_0:   1:44
50 over Thio. What did we want to do?

spk_2:   1:47
The Writers Guild letter support. What was the point? Or now just, uh, we were going to write a letter support, but it seems like they're back in communications. So all we did basically was said we support the W G.

spk_0:   2:02
We just did it as a post, right?

spk_2:   2:03
Yeah, we just did a post because we felt we needed more information. We're gonna have writers coming to our meeting. So instead of writing the letter just out of my butt,

spk_7:   2:14
But I think Rob's post changed the whole turned around.

spk_0:   2:17
I get around once again. Union work is

spk_3:   2:21
responsible for the writers Get successful.

spk_2:   2:23
Yes. And I think we're responsible for Toronto's victory. Last.

spk_6:   2:27
Okay, uh, did you have a Canadian brand?

spk_3:   2:34
I've gotten any further on the disciplinary stuff. I have not. You guys were. Matthew and I are both going to or working on trying to find outside information outside impetus with regards to the national labor relations language on disciplinary. The fact that no one what is it now? We have 180. What is that, Ash? I don't know. Hundreds

spk_1:   2:56
of one of the last meetings, it was It's been like around 100 and 40 to 145 for the last, Like a year and 1/2 45 people been caught have been disappearing off the card and an opposition have been caught, have been caught and brought up on charges of working off the way. I don't know if they were

spk_0:   3:16
in the basement. We don't

spk_6:   3:17
know what's happened to them because that's confidential. Is donation operation

spk_5:   3:21
right way? We also know there's a major logjam in the disciplinary process

spk_8:   3:27
because there's so many, or just because

spk_0:   3:29
I don't know if we know that well, my sources say that the discipline is not

spk_7:   3:35
being handed out. You haven't even, and

spk_2:   3:37
my source is very, very connected.

spk_3:   3:41
One of the wrinkles to that Ashley, is the fact that in this what we're discussing is that there's some sort of, um, firewall. That, it seems, exists either in federal labor law or the Net with the National Labor Relations Board that is somehow thwarting it going further and we don't know what that is. But that's part of what Matthew and I are looking into that language wise,

spk_7:   4:06
warding, sag after bringing people up.

spk_0:   4:09
Yeah, disciplinary. Correct. Just talking about

spk_5:   4:12
how the laws air set up. But I also need to have a source that put me in touch with apparently, Yeah, because they do in their newsletter. So it's public information. They're, uh, the cinematographers branch of the biopsy. They actually in the newsletter published the names of people who have been disciplined for working off a car. Right? There are probably So I've been trying to get a contact who has a contact in the cinematographers wing of a biopsy to talkto me like So how do you do that? How are you doing that without getting sued without getting? And thus far, I've been unable to talk to anybody.

spk_6:   4:49
Action. I think Actors Equity used to do that as well. I think they stopped doing it because of. And this is speculation on my part, not wanting to get sued.

spk_3:   4:58
Yeah, that's the intriguing part, because I, the source that I have, is an extraordinarily high end entertainment law firm in Beverly Hills, and I wanted to go to them and say, Do you have any case law? Do you have anything on your books in the entire time you've been doing this and representing the level of people that you've represented, you have anything on the books that would go this direction be any kind of references as a similarity that we can work from. So I haven't got an answer record.

spk_1:   5:29
Everything is very vague. And you know that we talk about that we hear about through the grapevine or at auditions or whatever about process.

spk_2:   5:38
Because we used to ask about that. Well, you'd leave, come up crying.

spk_6:   5:42
You know that happens. I mean, you had her on the day, but there is a discipline Culinary review committee. They do meet. They do. They do know loud. Okay,

spk_2:   5:53
so you believe that? But you also don't have any idea whether or not disciplines been handed out of the bat law. What? 130. Some people

spk_1:   6:04
50 about have been caught over the last year or two.

spk_2:   6:09
We always get a number like way. We've caught over 100 some people,

spk_1:   6:13
and we've heard that you're the psychic thing Then. Then someone always raised their hand goes well, what happens to him?

spk_0:   6:20
They should be kicked out to be murdered on. Then

spk_1:   6:22
everyone's gotta Take it easy. Saddle down, Relax.

spk_6:   6:26
Let it be very practical about this. There is a disciplinary review committee. There is an opportunity this year to say, Hey, I am interested as a member and serving on that committee. Yeah, so it's a chance to get involved to be part of that process. Think that's great,

spk_5:   6:37
Thank you. Come. I think. Actually, I think I think Rob would be a lot of fun on that.

spk_3:   6:42
I think what actually saying is that there seems to be a big difference between the our union acknowledging to someone who's in trouble. Hey, you're in trouble. But then that's about words. Stops. Whatever that crying is, it doesn't come with any form of consequence.

spk_0:   6:59
No, this actually tell me

spk_8:   7:02
if I'm think stick talking cool to say this, but some of us is. We knows are now serving on other committees within Sag AFTRA sag AFTRA members. I can tell you from a meeting that I was privy to just what was away because thanks to zoom in, I was able to keep up with all those that ah, very active member. That's very union working, Friendly said. I want to speak to boots on the ground asking, What is this? What is the follow up? We hear this number come out. A lot of ads go union meetings and so forth. But what is actually occurring? Because the people that are holding the line and tougher times are saying, Is there really a consequence? I hear

spk_0:   7:37
the same number bandied about. And so I just want to

spk_8:   7:40
say that was a meeting that I was privy to just late last week, where we last weeks, and that if that gives you guys any peace of mind that this is coming up to the brass. If

spk_5:   7:50
there's a committee that right now we're on a swell, that's come up on. Yeah, we need to get and I think a motion. No, no emotional because I made it.

spk_0:   8:00
I think that's weird, but I think

spk_7:   8:05
as we know, the our union errs on the side of caution. Yes, eso, especially when it comes to lawyers. If they're gonna let me into the, you know, commercial w W. Because I happen to be a signatory producer with nothing to do with commercial, and it's it's like it has to go through the riot await only 45 minutes or something had to go through that person. That person, that person is so angelic amounts, lady man. So I mean, it's it's that's their prerogative. And I'm sure it's because we live in a limbless society. That's gonna happen. But

spk_6:   8:38
what is that word? T

spk_0:   8:45
just like you said,

spk_8:   8:46
You think possibly That's why actors equity stop that people will lawyer up it is, this is a good time to say, That's why one of the reasons were you working form to be able to be a group of individuals that are not We are obviously very pro union, but tohave sort of ah, straight talk with other people.

spk_3:   9:03
Yeah, we're not beholden to some of the guidelines. Wait

spk_8:   9:07
careful. And we want to be smart about it and bet everything.

spk_1:   9:09

spk_8:   9:09
is time to bring all this together.

spk_1:   9:11
Yeah, I think that's totally true. But I think it's really important that the brass and staff and everybody hears it in the leadership hears that as the union, the rank and file members need to see some movement on this issue and talked about for years, and we've got movement with, like, celebrity outreach. We did that. But there was pushback on that

spk_5:   9:30
for a long time to do

spk_1:   9:31
all those things. And it's like if rank and file people see even a tiny bit of movement in the right direction of Hey, in the newsletter, there's an email every month that's gonna pay, like six members have been busted and they've been fined. And Bobby Bobby been brought forward through the disciplinary committee. And these six people have been fined. Yeah, say a number. They've been brought before the tribunal. They've been all find blah, blah. This is whatever just to see that on a regular basis. But, hey, that's happening.

spk_2:   10:03
I agree. And also the thing that we've already demonstrated is if you shine a light on the subject long enough and hard enough and focused enough, it gets the attention of the staff for leadership would have called, but also gets the attention of other members to go. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I'd like to know what happens because I'm out here, You know, a lot of been online and discussing your back and forth and people who either gone fi core, which is

spk_0:   10:36
and working off the car is legal. Yeah, Yeah, but I think one road used to be 60 miles an hour. Now

spk_2:   10:46
it's 55. We're just we can change. My morality isn't based on law based on the right thing to do.

spk_0:   10:53
I'm not saying it's really a lot, you know? It's legal in a sarcastic That's a good way. Also spent

spk_3:   11:06
a lot of time talking to people online and calling them out in what just happened last week. But if we do that a lot and it's effective and it

spk_1:   11:14
is, I think it is that we also none of us see anything happened from our union, right then. Unfortunately, that gets good. Start,

spk_7:   11:22
brother started. It could start. I mean, celebrity support. Gut started copying.

spk_5:   11:29
Cindy has her head. Miss Red.

spk_0:   11:36
I know Ted. Why she works. Yeah, yeah. Um, no. Actually,

spk_8:   11:45
yesterday I was at I was at a casting and it was packed. Was very busy, I think. Well, that looked like a lot of jobs. A shooting in June, so I'm thinking that

spk_0:   11:54
way. But I

spk_8:   11:58
was talking Thio, an actor who also works in casting, and he was voicing his frustration to me and saying, Hey, what? I don't understand you know what's happening with people that are being disciplined, You never hear anything, he said. I send in information all the time because he sees it. He says, Who's coming in and working off the card, All that stuff that I keep sending information in. And he said, He said, Cindy, listen, I'm ready to give up, I'm going to give up And I said, Don't give up I said, You know, I know you remember union work to come to the meetings and having a baby So he's like, No, not right now. So I said, Don't give up. We're going to send out a survey saying What do you want to ask the candidates and say that you asked them that? And I said either come because I said, We're gonna have a town hall which will get too. But I said, You know, you, we can make something happen. So So So he by the end of the conversation, and then a couple other people were like, What are you talking about? And then a couple of the like oars are The scabs were in there. Yeah, exactly. Work off guard all the time, walked in I mean, it was literally like, Wait, That Yeah, yeah. Um, but it was really I mean, he My point is, I mean, union working gave him hope like he was because I said, don't give up. Were, you know, we're on it, and we're gonna ask the candidates what they're going to do about it. And if you get active and you get activated, things change on

spk_2:   13:28
one of things I want to say about that is that way. All one of our best comebacks when we get into these back and forced is well, while you decide to jump ship, the rest of us were rebuilding the ship and trying to come up with a better way. So I spent. We spent this group spent three years coming to this point where we helped get a new contract past. That's what we were doing for three years while you're out doing little Caesar. Another crap for $500. So that was what you were doing.

spk_1:   13:58

spk_0:   13:59
you're doing it and they hold on. Wait. Rats jump. They weren't even doing

spk_8:   14:07
what Cindy just said shared that. Cindy happened yesterday because, uh, you know, certainly if somebody's wife is having a baby or you a za woman having a baby. There's times when you realistically cannot be involved for six months, three months, whatever it is, but when you can, or whoever might be listening to this is that a space where they want to be more active? I would say above anything, especially with this new contract, if you show up more than once and if you don't like what you hear the first time but showed up two things at the union and really put your muscle and change does occur. It does come from the members. When they get motivated and focused and unifying in the voice, it really does happen. But it does not happen from the sidelines and frustration. You got it. You got to get in the room. So your life is open to that at this moment, even if it's for the next six months and you hopefully go book a Siri's and it's nothing to worry about for a while accepting on set. But while you can be engaged and be involved because it does, absolutely, it does matter. It does things guy, too, that I spoke. I thanked him too, because he has been working behind the scenes. Yeah,

spk_0:   15:19

spk_8:   15:20
access, you know. He's been sending stuff into ads, go union, and he's been reporting people. And his frustration is the thin it seemed to have things have

spk_0:   15:27
sure. So I thanked

spk_8:   15:29
him because I was like, I mean, he's, you know, working really hard. I

spk_6:   15:33
do not believe it goes into abyss. I believe it. I know the staff member who reads ever email and takes action again. Not very well, you

spk_0:   15:45
know, I do know is an idea with a black hole, actually a trapper. Yeah, there's a guy reads

spk_5:   15:56
every single warning and he decides where it goes. And I mean, yeah, it's just it's, I think, where it's getting log jammed with the actual disciplinary process. It's

spk_1:   16:05
not seeing movement on that on Dhe to go off of that. I think that's what we're battling to have these people that are allies that are on the front lines. There's a bunch of that guy and a bunch of other people. I know that in casting agencies, but they see shady stuff going on constantly, and they're like, am I the only one that's seeing this because it seems like everyone has had their heads buried in the sand when they see no movement. That's frustrating. And then we're also going up against the uninformed on the missing

spk_0:   16:34
form. We're talking about online. We could talk for seven hours about like, you be like, Hey, the Union

spk_1:   16:40
just came up with this cool contract. Just make this post like it's new. It's fresh. It's the craziest, coolest thing we've done in 50 years of contracts. And then you read

spk_0:   16:48
the comments section in it. Union totally screwed me. I'm really When? How did that work? I'm not a member of the Yeah, I'm actually Rhode Island. Yeah, you failed my dad. It was a pipe fitter. It was Gary Indiana Ryan's 40

spk_5:   17:08
meeting with Wallick wi I. I went in for an audition and there was a session runner and an actor talking about the contract, and they were talking about the new pay scale. And it was like they had no like, Yeah, they basically gave everything away. Like there's like, you don't really get paid, it's total buyout won't

spk_0:   17:27
on, and yet it's not gonna be S o. I sat down and I'm like well, like

spk_5:   17:31
Hey, I'm sorry I I overheard, but I actually know contract early. Well, and this is what it is. And afterwards you like Oh,

spk_0:   17:38
that's great, I was told. Five. They just they didn't know what it was. I didn't

spk_1:   17:45
need to have an episode that's all about the numbers than $2 a head. Same thing. I did cough a call back the other day and my friend, who's pretty informed like I talked to all the time and keep her up today on stuff. She was kind of like nervous and freaking out and like we had coffee because she's like, I got to just ask you the 45 questions. What's that? But just sitting down and explain to her and talking her off the ledge of like, Here's the 20 Grand. Here's the eight grand. Here's the digital buyout, and you know, it's the year this and not applied sessional. She was like, Oh, okay, All right, Good. But like until you know that you're just hearing

spk_0:   18:27
eight grand for the year and that's it. The whole thing's on union working dot com e

spk_1:   18:31
o N e o a working doctor.

spk_5:   18:34
I want to emphasize something Kelly said, which is like dead nuts on if what?

spk_0:   18:40
Dead nuts on. Yeah. Sorry about about the membership. If the membership

spk_5:   18:48
don't show up to make the voice heard, nothing's gonna happen like it is. It will always stick with me that we went into these W w cz and it was crazy. I came back to visit from New York, and so I was there for the beginning of it here in L. A. We went into it and going into it, the attitude was we're not gonna get any major changes in digital. I remember hearing that, and

spk_0:   19:08
like everyone who heard that went because he said it out loud, what? And then for the next Lee, have you month? We I mean,

spk_5:   19:15
you don't be w another actor's. We made our voices heard This is important. And now we have an entirely separate pastry. From what we have heard from what we heard in our meetings, what we're in the questionnaires that went out from what we've been hearing from the industry and the actors. And that happened because people packed the room packed up, and now we're in the middle of TV theatrical W N W. They're about to have three more weeks of them in June,

spk_0:   19:35
because we were just laying about complained about it every day. I complain. Yes, we always plays on the first day after room was union working, that was it. It was membership. Come on, guys, Turn out Waas like depressing. Less than half the rope that was an industrial. I mean, yeah, this is TV theatrical, this missing commercials of the two biggest contracts on the Union. Like Get out there,

spk_5:   19:59
guys. It's It starts next week. It's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday for the next three weeks. Go okay.

spk_1:   20:05
And something important, too, that we've heard this from a lot of the people that have. You know, Bob Stevenson, who's not here, those on negotiating committee, where it's like Jackass, you can. You can on Lee do this for so long. Everyone's gotta take their turn. It can't be. It can't be for us. Doing this for 30 years straight will be dead, but it's like burnout. Israel. It's like the people in casting that are like I'm sending stuff in, and I'm not seeing any movement on this for two or three years.

spk_0:   20:34
We're going to stop sending stuff in

spk_1:   20:36
if you don't see movement. Same thing. It's like we can't. All of us can't go toe every w w for eternity. Like we can't go to every ads. Go Eun hee got every, you know, thing at the conspirators part would ever take your turn. Do what you can. But if more people jump on board, then then we can move mountains.

spk_2:   20:55
Jim Carter, what do you have to say?

spk_7:   20:57
It? I mean, thing that differentiates us from our meetings from psych after meetings is that people are allowed to come in and vision. You have to If you're gonna bitch and moan, you have to have a solution to the problem. So we don't waste time on letting people just get up.

spk_0:   21:14
Waste time on this information. You know, our goal

spk_7:   21:19
is to activate, informed first and activate membership. And that seems to be a winning combination

spk_5:   21:27
way. Also don't have a bunch of lawyers telling us we

spk_0:   21:29
can't see. It might bite us in the booth. No, I was to say to

spk_8:   21:39
you when people way all get frustrated with people saying thanks for what you D'oh! Don't thank me.

spk_0:   21:45
Way should also Thank you. Know I take my everybody showed up in the seventies and eighties and nineties and 10 years ago. McCarthyism way. Have a new

spk_3:   21:57
voice in the room. Laser yourself, sir. I'm a little late. I had an audition. Kevin McCorkell

spk_0:   22:04
braggart here. A humble brag intro. So forwards city short. One

spk_8:   22:13
last thing about the disciplinary. Speaking of misinformation, whenever that was on the agenda that you would send out and it would say, I think says a disciplinary action agenda item disciplinary action Q. And Mike and Matt. I would always like,

spk_0:   22:29
Wait, all of you doing trying to dance for something They did breakfast last week. Different abomination in the lot J. C.

spk_3:   22:50
So are what is the per this entire conversation. And the video is on our website and diaper working dot com. But, Jim, are

spk_6:   22:58
you our negotiations to shoot specifically Katie Wallick doing her presentation

spk_3:   23:06
of the new contractor? No.

spk_0:   23:08
Well, yeah, but Katie's given them a lot of pushback. That's the thing about the green M and M's many voices. I just hit me like a side just so new way. Haven't, uh, I

spk_7:   23:25
actually talked about that way. I think she wants to. So are

spk_0:   23:30
you. Um Thank you, Jim. That cleared Everything I know we're not negotiating

spk_7:   23:42
was talking about. I think it is a very busy person. Okay,

spk_6:   23:46
so tomorrow is the first day when people can use the terms, and I think it would be really exciting, right? Yeah,

spk_1:   23:52
I had a lot of people. Don't

spk_6:   23:53
don't push a lot of learning what happened with the new terms,

spk_1:   23:57
but I think this is the usual. You know, I've only been doing this for 11 years, but like June's, usually like a pretty, you know, slow, quiet month for commercial. So it would be nice to see you.

spk_0:   24:10
That's every every march 3rd year. But you recovered yet, but it will be the man. Go tell you its role of it. Can we adapt? Craft service rules take up. You're on your own. I don't have a place. Not that I just robs a man's world in a family like that happening here. I wait. I was multiple year. I will say I was very careful. Anything. My fork touched her way into my mouth. I didn't like this way. Wait. All right, on. That's why you girls,

spk_6:   25:12
they're here cause you keep a civil way with reference to what you were just talking about with the

spk_3:   25:22
video of of wallets presentation. I think one of the great things we also offer we may have covered this already is that we sort of provide a nuts and bolts, uh, nuts and bolts explanation of things. Yes, there's so many times when you know you ask the union about something and you go through layers and layers of legalese and what not? And I think that's one of the things that you w provides. Is that nuts and bolts on the ground boots? Working explanation of things? If anybody out there, you know, is struggling with something that you don't understand about the union, then getting country us and we'll do what we can to create videos, I understand it a little bit better. I wish Craig Wall Spot was here. His videos on the commercial payment just

spk_6:   26:12
fantastic. Well, you'd think the new radio that explains the new terms was created by staff and a couple of members. The negotiating committee. It's super helpful way reposted on union working dot com, but that came from official sources. It's really It's short and it's great. Helpful union

spk_8:   26:33
working because it's all on there. So informative.

spk_3:   26:39
Matthew. Now, now that you have your mouthful, uh, now you go back to the pledge, which is not a remake of the movie, so go ahead.

spk_0:   26:46
We're through forever. We have to play. So help me God, Charlie

spk_5:   26:52
Brown. We have two pledges that we like to send out one for candidates and then one general membership. As we're coming up to the elections we thought about, you know, we talked a few weeks ago about doing candidate pledge, and then I kind of show that what we're doing W W's and I've been putting it. I kind of amalgamated everything together with the input I got from you guys, which helped a lot, especially thanks to Rob, who was able to cut my incredibly windy idea in half. All right, wait. Everybody else who offered, like, fine tunings s 04 for the candidate pledge. Where we're at right now is as a candidate, I pledged to put my union and fellow members above any ideology, slate or group to which I may belong. I promised to adhere to respectful decorum. Listen to all ideas and do my utmost to reach decisions that benefit our union and all of its members. Those of you have been to l a local board meetings. No, respectful. The Corman. Listening to all ideas is a great idea.

spk_0:   27:51
I love. That was good. I

spk_2:   27:55
mean, that's what I think. One of the things I'm just a little bit of reefer, as the town hall gives us, and a opportunity to show other members and hopefully candidates, that this is how you do public discourse this morning discourse. This is where ideas are heard. All I desire, heard and thought about and regurgitated. And there isn't yelling and screaming and disrespect. That's another opportunity. Hopefully,

spk_5:   28:29
Pete Antico attacking people on their way.

spk_2:   28:33
That will be one of the things that when we talk about this town hall next, that will be one of the requirements of coming into

spk_5:   28:40
it. You really respect where do some serious bouncing in that. Um okay. And then for the membership, which is just something we can Kemal sent out to the membership. Um, well, that was really smart sentence there. I'm glad we're recording this one, um, membership pledge as a member of SAG AFTRA. I pledged to put the health of our union first. I will not go fi core or work off the card which weaken our union and hinder members in good standing from earning a living wage. When voting, I will educate myself about candidates and support the candidates with workable solutions to the problems facing our union today.

spk_1:   29:14
Boom! Playing sweet.

spk_2:   29:19
Now we get to this section if you don't do these things.

spk_0:   29:23
Yeah. You working on some kind of creature? Yeah. Really? D'oh! It's a tire iron in the back of Cindy's tro way. We're going old school. You let our ladies take care of that. E love is called old dear Cindy. So before

spk_6:   29:47
we get to the big meeting

spk_3:   29:48
of the town hall, let's let's have ah, because again, Ashworth, uh, let's have a few minutes on the fact that you now are officially able to run for office as we speak. Being a delegate, l a local board for delicate national board

spk_1:   30:04
me to remember because how long does it take? Three minutes to sign opposite delegate. Find it with three other ones. Take along. Actually,

spk_6:   30:14
you've done this. Yeah, it s o you go on the attack after website. It's all digital now. And you because it's 20.

spk_0:   30:24
19. Wayman I fax. My finances might be a while, many to elections ago

spk_6:   30:32
or three. Like exotic gathering signatures for a fella. Canady, that's all. It's all digital now. Uh, so if you want to be, ah, convention delegate, you just need one signature that could be your own. It's not a signature. It's a click of the mouse. So literally you can put the hat on the range in three minutes. Three minutes to be a convention. Doing a sign?

spk_2:   30:52
I didn't see it. I didn't say the sign, but I got a call yesterday going okay, We know you want to be a delegate. You could pay your balance is that I already paid it this morning.

spk_6:   31:01
Oh, yeah. Yeah. So you could You have to be approved so they may take. You may have to log in a day or two later to make sure that you're now approved. You

spk_0:   31:11
know, she said

spk_2:   31:12
that you will be final probably a couple of days for the payment to go through, because you have to have it in by June 10. But you

spk_5:   31:18
might not have been able to sign if your payment hadn't cleared yet. So maybe we'll be cleared, right. You'll be able to sign with pain and clears.

spk_1:   31:25
You'll get it. You'll get a confirmation email because that's what I got saying like, Hey, you, you submitted yourself to be a delegate. We'll let you know if, like, Okay, if you're good to go, they'll let us know. But you get at least an email saying, Hey, you, you click the mouse enough times and well, but they have got to go through everything and see, Are you paid up? We've been in any trouble above a block before. They're like

spk_6:   31:50
you and real quick. What is it? Delegate? Actually, either can do. Will do should do the delegate attends convention, which is in Los Angeles.

spk_5:   32:01
Los Angeles, October 1st 1st week last year, his first week of October. Thursday Friday, Saturday Sunday.

spk_6:   32:09
Yeah, intervention includes educational seminars. Includes voting for some elected officials. It includes bringing forward motions to make changes within the union. That's that's has a delegate. You remain on the list. You may not be doing anything after that, but if people step down, Kemi board meetings or whatever. Then you're on the list of people who can fill their shoes.

spk_2:   32:33
You forgot the most fun thing on Sunday. There's the duck tank. You throw the ball and leadership

spk_0:   32:48
because of molecular acid, but there actually is a

spk_5:   32:50
gala that you can go to that Caroline and I went to last year, and it's

spk_2:   32:55
a hell of a lot of fun.

spk_5:   32:56
You go to Universal Studios red carpet, step on. Repeat. All the

spk_6:   33:01
members come around the country. So for people who live in the boondocks, every chance for them to feel part of the community

spk_5:   33:07
and it's a great it's a great opportunity to me. My experience is, the most important thing is getting things pass because that's how you influence the union. And I actually just had coffee with the guy who I met last year from New York, and he and I were talking about ideas. We want to get past that we can. If we both get elected as delegate, I could work in the L A angle work in New York angles. You have support once the time comes to make emotion

spk_1:   33:32
and you're also voting on Vice president's local vice president's

spk_5:   33:36
executive vice presidents and then

spk_1:   33:38
just executive vice president. Gets voted on

spk_5:   33:41
it. And then there's a couple other I forget, which is a couple other VPs. I think it's not. It's not the locals. It's the category categories category

spk_3:   33:49
and Kelly. There's one

spk_2:   33:50
big football with 14

spk_0:   33:52
on. Then if you want to

spk_6:   33:54
run for a local local board or a national board or a couple of VP positions than those were available for you to fill out forms. Now getting more signatures, like 30 or more on the traditional

spk_5:   34:05
local and like six 40

spk_8:   34:08

spk_6:   34:09
and then you think I want to submit your picture and 100 word statement right? There's no picture or statement for convention delegates because there's too many candidates

spk_3:   34:18
fit. Right? Awesome. Good piece info. We should move on to discuss the big meeting first. Not the town hall, which is gonna be June 18th ish. Yeah, the big meeting just at the Oh, my God. Church.

spk_0:   34:38
Right there. Coming. I gave

spk_7:   34:41
him the dates they're coming back with, You know, they work in God times so they don't get back there.

spk_3:   34:48
Right? So that's good. Did they, friend God because that would be helpful. Um, no, because we would wanna have that. I am correct at that.

spk_7:   34:56
The community room.

spk_3:   34:57
That big meeting would be to prep for the town,

spk_7:   35:02
right? Yeah. So the on the gymnasium there, checking to see if that's available. It'll be $1 per hour. Okay, So, like, 7 to 10 we could raise that.

spk_0:   35:15
Didn't send this'll Scarf. Yeah. Yeah, Cindy. And

spk_3:   35:22
we'll make David Jolla pay the other half.

spk_6:   35:24
This'll blackhead. I call Lucky, huh? Wait. We're trying to big meetings

spk_3:   35:37
way. Always have a big meeting. Restroom. Just big me monthly made. Don't get linguistic on me, brother. Another one would be a town hall that will be in July in July. You got today is still a good month apart. We're just talking about scheduling the last

spk_6:   35:53
big meeting we

spk_3:   35:53
have with Katie Wallets presentation. We're just talking about scheduling the next big meeting

spk_6:   35:57
right in the town hall is

spk_3:   35:59
being a place about election. Haven't started discussing that thing this morning.

spk_8:   36:05
That's on the agenda.

spk_6:   36:07
Did you jump the agenda? I think I think Did you jump the agenda? Where's the cattle prod? Big meeting at town hall. Different dates. In good part. My wife called filming. So 28 is the deadline to run for office. And then the election started soon thereafter and the election ends.

spk_0:   36:30
It's early on again. Last year was all

spk_3:   36:34
right, but Judy, thank you for that. That's why we're gonna make sure we have our big meeting before that. According to whatever God gets back to Jim, August

spk_7:   36:44
28th is ballot day. Because I'm a member of the committee. I get to go to the post office and pick up balance.

spk_8:   36:51
Do you? Really

spk_6:   36:52
nice. It's that far away. Okay, So the end of election season is you're gonna have to have

spk_5:   36:56
some rabbit people watching and pick him up in Countem. June 28th. Interest even. Go watch him. Count about

spk_7:   37:02
July 20. That's when they go out. Wait, let's go out. So, yeah, you gotta So, yes, it's

spk_5:   37:09
like that one. Actually, 20th you have to be in

spk_6:   37:12
June. 20th is the Mike

spk_1:   37:15
Nelson. Just what the whole serve. Anything that we're talking about sending out to members to get questions for the town hall. Do we want to do that before the big meeting so we can discuss and kind of codify the questions at the big meeting and use that toe have. Like, you know, 60 people are like these seven issues are what we should ask Every person that's gonna and use that. So who wants to take the

spk_6:   37:42
way were to

spk_0:   37:44
get Sharma should do that, Make up a survey, send it out

spk_6:   37:50
specifically about Tuesday, the 18th of June for the Okay, wait So we would want to maybe

spk_3:   37:56
get them out. Mike, on that proceedings. Friday's breakfast. We should maybe get him out on the

spk_1:   38:02
give people a least a week like ruminate on it. They

spk_5:   38:07
take it, they have to return. And then we after

spk_1:   38:09
because we tabulate to reveal no email and actually respond to us. But if we even get 20 responses from people and we see their concerns, we can bring that up and talk about it and put stuff on the big board of like, these are the issues we want to talk about. Inevitably, new

spk_3:   38:25
people will be there. Yes, I like that. There's another

spk_1:   38:30
I think it's a great way to get people to show up in June to be like way. We're gonna need you to show up at the town hall. But I think to come in June and hear about what we were talking about, about the questions we're gonna ask them and then this in July. See them, asked these questions to the president's. That's great

spk_8:   38:46
way built like

spk_3:   38:48
cracked backing that out. When when would you want a Facebook post and a tweet and an i g post in an email to go out with the survey?

spk_0:   39:00
Thank you. My exact point for backing this way. Now Wednesday is

spk_1:   39:09
so yeah, like a week from now, give you seventh. What's the market? Because that would be 11 days

spk_3:   39:21
this of this next Friday for all those who send out of Friday's. So let's go Thursday the sixth. I never seen Jim in those glasses before, have you way,

spk_1:   39:41
But I think that's a good idea, because again we can We can put it out. We could send it up and then do like a reminder five days out. You're like, Hey, get those, get those questions in, get those questions you wanna ask. You know, the three, the probable three candidates for president.

spk_3:   39:57
But we are Jim. We are still looking for the town hall itself because we have, like, what? Five venues that we're currently trying to do. We have July 18th money

spk_7:   40:07
22nd 23rd. So it's July 17th 18 and 20 seconds. 23. That's the days that I asked for even town. On this. We're worth of July. Yeah,

spk_8:   40:17
I have an update on that. So women's did respond back. They are lovely. You know, the woman who runs it really is a Brit she's in. She's in England, returns Monday, but

spk_0:   40:32
she knows a lot

spk_5:   40:33
of better.

spk_8:   40:34
But sweet Saira, who's the connection, said,

spk_0:   40:37
Right now

spk_8:   40:38
all. I gave the three days the Thursday, which is whatever, and there's the Tuesday Wednesday they're all available right now. They so Monday when Rosemary, who actually runs it in books, it will,

spk_0:   40:49
uh, e will circle

spk_8:   40:52
back to her Monday when she returns. They do. They just want to check that insurance that we already carrying, since they're the ones as you recall, require a liability. And I we think this is going to be a good match, you know, it was our oversight we did uses last time, so hopefully that will work if we wanted to that. And they are willing. It looks like to honor the reduced rate of 2 50 for the night based on us doing this setup breakdown like we did last time. So we'll see. Way may not be that way with the others face, but that's

spk_7:   41:21
what E can generate. Them's a form from my insurance company. Perfect.

spk_3:   41:28
It would be Wednesday. It's Thursday or Monday. Tuesday, He leaves town on.

spk_8:   41:32
Okay, whatever the dates you gave me as their clear them all.

spk_7:   41:35
Yeah. Good. Clear tomorrow. Okay. So I'll just I won't put a date on the import of data on him.

spk_8:   41:41
Thanks. If you give it if you have to me on Monday, I'll follow up on that with that, so we can know if it's gonna work or not. If she goes Oh, well, unfortunate. We're still gonna need X, Y and Z. At least we'll know that we're willing to do that or not. And it went to 50. Would be for a day.

spk_7:   41:55
I have X. And why? I don't Okay.

spk_3:   41:57
Perfect. We'll get like, I have a lot of sand.

spk_5:   42:00
Is everything okay?

spk_1:   42:02
There's that, uh, just like getting the serving out. I think it's important that we lock down this date. Assume it's awful. I know everyone's working on it really hard with the busy schedules. I'm sure of the three candidates for president where they might be like I'm in New York for a week and we are screwed to two people can't show up. That's gonna not me. Right? So I think we could lock down that date and then get it out there and still have time to maneuver and maybe be ableto we might have to move it toe the end of July or something. I'll go

spk_8:   42:32
for all three. Since they've cleared him. Until we get confirmation, right? You know, we did it two years ago. They typically do you want to come there? You have to get to this one. But you're right for a sitting president. They do travel a

spk_0:   42:44
lot. Show was working after they're both working. They're both working and James working, But

spk_8:   42:51
we'll keep all three and see What? That. Yeah.

spk_2:   42:54
Could we do it? Put a feeler out, ask him about their schedule. Would like to tell him what we'd like to do. We'd like to have a town hall with the following three candidates to speak before our group and those that are supporters. What your calendar Is there a time when this would be

spk_5:   43:17
worth? I think it's better if we give them great otherwise

spk_1:   43:22
given way.

spk_8:   43:26
Don't have full ride.

spk_2:   43:27
What if they say I can do Wednesday? I can't do any of those dates. Or if I could do a week later, what do we do?

spk_7:   43:33
Well, if availability during the week of this,

spk_0:   43:37
that's what That's what I just

spk_2:   43:38
said. If we gotta put a feeler out and say

spk_1:   43:40
But I

spk_0:   43:41
think there are

spk_2:   43:41
three dates we wantto have, Ah, forum. Can you make these any of these dates?

spk_1:   43:46
And if they say if all three of them say, Yeah, we can make one of those dates, then then we're good to go. So I think way go out there because if you say when can you do it in July? Lebec. I don't know what I'm doing in July or I I have no clue. And I think

spk_2:   43:59
that is a great gap. Which which one of you, the room

spk_3:   44:03
you guys want to email? Rich the new rich

spk_5:   44:05
little, uh, you know what was the gabby way. We're talking about this in the mail, actually, Bob right now because he was on the negotiating. He's probably spent the most time. But if you think

spk_6:   44:16
I could do it doesn't

spk_3:   44:18
mean I

spk_5:   44:19
was gone for a year. So

spk_6:   44:19
we should send the same content everybody. But as your government individual. Yes. 18 20 to 18 22 23 or three dates as Thursday, Monday, Tuesday.

spk_5:   44:30
Can we codify feeler? And in that way, someone consented to Gabby. We send it to J. Jonah, probably

spk_0:   44:39
smooth, and another candidate

spk_6:   44:42
for president could emerge.

spk_0:   44:44
Wait, people come. So, Bob Bob

spk_3:   45:04
Cabrio Since Sean just left town, I could get Jolliffe to ask extended Jolliffe to give the Matthew and And then any of us can get all just takes Jane herself.

spk_5:   45:18
Okay, well, no, actually not be about a extreme Bob. You and me, we all sign a little thing Toe Gabby, Sean and Jon whoever could do

spk_6:   45:31
but anybody any of those people could be in Vancouver for two weeks straight, working on the job way.

spk_2:   45:40
Those three are all in a movie together. No journal inches doing

spk_0:   45:44
a chain, a movie scene of cable It's Jane Austin, Young rah. And, uh, these are all new people like, you know, she's great, like limbs would win. So wait a minute. There's Matthew

spk_2:   46:04
Modine Gabriel Intros movie coming.

spk_1:   46:10
Modine works on stranger things up in Vancouver. Gabby's doing a new nine

spk_0:   46:15
onto the oh, no, he's way Rob grabbing the wheel and going, That's a beautiful ruin. Earth that way, right up. By the way, I got to go. It's a pitch that

spk_1:   46:43
many West

spk_6:   46:43
you, Jim, you've been this email you put 45 minutes. If we were looking

spk_3:   46:48
at three hours from start to finish, Um, that's 2 15 Yeah. You want to maybe have that be 30 35 just to give us a little more room on the Q and A back and forth after,

spk_5:   47:01
maybe do 30 with a possible 10 minute over.

spk_7:   47:04
I'm not budget on my 45.

spk_0:   47:06
What's it gonna take? Some extra fruit would get some spicy Hamas with had a clearly into the budget movie way metal, Right? Push it right through. We're gonna

spk_5:   47:17
do if we can do because we're talking about possible the number of possible locations. I mean, if it's 2 50 flat for the women's club. When we do the town hall there, we can make it a three and 1/2 hour and then we can

spk_1:   47:28
say that is a really long time. I mean, it's important, but But that third person that goes might be getting like Peter

spk_5:   47:40
like, how do we just wonder like a names in the hat? It's gotta be random. We can't

spk_8:   47:47
and sweating the people down there. I'm

spk_6:   47:49
sorry. People are very conspiracy theory oriented. It's pretty random. Still having

spk_7:   47:53
let's do half an hour,

spk_3:   47:54
half an hour because, you know, and then we we want to only have them be questioned alone, right? We don't want any point. Have them come back

spk_0:   48:04
and cross. And

spk_8:   48:09
I want to say to sweeten the deal. I did specify we needed the space about two and 1/2 hours, so I don't know that way, Michael, to do that, I can certainly say Hey, we've decided the good news is the person who eye contact is a sag after members, she cares about it. She loved her meeting before she's on her side, but I don't know, I might contrive we needed it. We set up and break down four hours total. Just I would want to let them know that we're in the clear.

spk_3:   48:34
I'm just saying Way said it was 7 to 10 knowing even even that location, which is great and probably better for all three candidates, said It's on that side in Central. They said seven, Even with the good parking, it's just that corner is brutal. Way would just literally probably have a look at it from our standpoint that we would be giving 30 minutes of an intro about the whole evening. Yeah, knowing that we weren't going to start the first candidate for 30 minutes until seven

spk_1:   49:00
38. You tell anybody else that, except for the six billion people listening

spk_0:   49:04
to this, you are very optimistic under six people, isn't it? Ate my mom. You know the alternative that

spk_6:   49:19
they all turn it off when you double to many places, just turned it off. Yeah, but if you go 7 30 hour and 1/2 then you're now you're

spk_3:   49:28
at nine, and it gives a little room for you at a and even some wrap up because I wouldn't want to push him that much, Kelly, even if they said 7 to 10 was cool for the price. Yeah, it worst. I'd like 10 15 20 to be out.

spk_1:   49:43
They love the format. We're We're gonna ask the candidate to just kind of give us their spiel on what they're running on. Like what? Therefore right? Yeah, because again, like five

spk_7:   49:56
questions they have to and then they go do this.

spk_5:   50:00
Okay, so why not give them time? So you know, they can open up, they get five minutes of their spirit.

spk_1:   50:06
That's what I was saying. Like and then we'll have a moderator

spk_5:   50:08
given those. Yes, we'll take it and they'll get the questions ahead of time.

spk_7:   50:12
They'll get the questions ahead of time,

spk_3:   50:14
and then there would be a period of time. That's reform Q and A from the audience. That's their time. That's it. 33 steps open Statement. Five with a moderator and then free form for a certain amount of time.

spk_5:   50:27
Go five minutes to Intro 10 with the moderator. 15 minutes. Reform is free for more

spk_3:   50:31
than five. No, no, the 30 the 30. To me, she may take them longer to answer five questions that could

spk_0:   50:39
make your opening up to the floor making yes or no question, yes or no? A multiple choice. All the above. And where are the candidates when they're not under there?

spk_3:   50:52
There, in your car.

spk_0:   50:53
You know, I'll be in the lobby, get all drunk.

spk_6:   50:56
And what if 4th 5th and sixth candidate emerges

spk_0:   50:59
second? I don't know anything. I'm just he knows what? He doesn't know that two years ago, there were, like, five. You are Robert Junior throws his hat in the ring. Yeah, Robert size people. Pretty sure. Bob. Bob.

spk_3:   51:18
No, no, no. They just shoot me.

spk_0:   51:20
Really? I don't get a vote for Bob Seger not move working Bob. Skeleton? No, no, no. I mean,

spk_3:   51:37
I'm pretty sure, Kelly. I mean, I've been in that space because that we had some things there. There would be maybe a side area. Yeah. There's a place where there will be a green room ish holding something rather

spk_8:   51:49
remember that back where they came in their

spk_0:   51:51
way with Kevin. I also have a feeling

spk_5:   52:00
that way. I would not be surprised with Gabrielle if this was the case. Probably Matthew as well, Jane, or starts come for the whole meeting. But it might be like a look. You got me for 30. Be there for 40 minutes. So

spk_0:   52:16
I don't know if there's gonna

spk_5:   52:17
be a lot of

spk_1:   52:17
them were around 11 Bottled

spk_0:   52:20
water. You want Thio Ward? I don't think of election standpoint. They allow,

spk_5:   52:28
you know, I don't think I know that If because last year I heard Cem, some of the candidates like, wait,

spk_1:   52:39
I think I think I say no way stuff, you know, you or someone you know really well.

spk_3:   52:51
Even in best case scenario, let's just pretend that we get started. 7 30 Boom, boom, boom. They're all salted me guys after that much information, we as a collective group, would you have a lot to put forth to the people in the room after that, right? So it's not like the other. If we had an extra 30 or 40 minutes,

spk_0:   53:09
you knew working is now prepared to make an official endorsements endorses that goes in the manner of the first part

spk_2:   53:17
of the meeting will be These are the rules.

spk_0:   53:20
You don't know who

spk_2:   53:21
Robert is, but these are our rules.

spk_0:   53:23
Robbed rules way along that. But no fruit

spk_2:   53:30
bowl. Don't need someone to read the hand.

spk_8:   53:32
Just not a community.

spk_5:   53:34
So, community. I have a question. If we're not ready to move on

spk_3:   53:40
drinking that photo. Yeah, that will put that photo right there. Jim, get that. I get asked more than Mike Mike's pensive Kevin. Just asleep.

spk_0:   53:58
Let me go. Let me ask

spk_5:   53:59
s 02 years ago in August, we did like a quick thing where the other candidates national board, local bulletin delegates could get up and they got a minute to speak. Now, not part of the town hall. But then in August, before the elections Do you want to do that?

spk_3:   54:13
Now? That would be another

spk_1:   54:14
big house. That would be about right,

spk_3:   54:16
though, because it would be June, and we try and remember six weeks that would time out about right.

spk_1:   54:20
I think that would be cool to just, like, take the presidency out of that. Take all the others. Just a local, your local people.

spk_7:   54:27
This is what they're doing.

spk_8:   54:27
That's a great thing, because it's like and you know, there's you. We are the union. So here we're now, we're going to showcase the people that are running for delegate,

spk_5:   54:37
and if you're running for you, you want the light. The rules last time were Doesn't matter you. It doesn't matter what you're doing to get one minute. No attacking anybody else

spk_3:   54:46
or you yourself will be.

spk_0:   54:50
You will be removed from this Tonto. Think Patty Duke. Aston was terrible. There. Delegates get you know you were there. Someone got removed. I was there at the lab waiting. Okay. Okay. Okay. Got cute. If I Oh, thank you,

spk_2:   55:17
Robin. I was here. She was just a low. Okay, okay for that. Just because we wait,

spk_0:   55:24
somebody started really going. Emotions can get high. Ah, yeah, could happen in and get it, but is actually that

spk_2:   55:36
night was pretty column, except for two that decided to get their agenda. And the restless by that was very respectful way. And that worked out pretty well.

spk_1:   55:47
Yeah, I'm just excited excited about this for I don't know the reason that I think like, I think they know that they got to do this because they're going to see hopefully around 100. You know, informed members show up that have of network of thousands of members that all looked at us and other people that

spk_2:   56:06
it's our image. They're in their face. Oh,

spk_0:   56:11
here's your jealous union. Looks way

spk_8:   56:17
typically quite close. So

spk_1:   56:19

spk_8:   56:20
100 people use way Have a big

spk_1:   56:22
Sean. Did she lose by one vote,

spk_5:   56:25
showing it for the love? I

spk_6:   56:27
lost that margin in hundreds. Who's hundreds? Not this time, No. Okay. I mean, that's a separate issue.

spk_0:   56:37
I wish you

spk_5:   56:39
were the I lost. I lost a little bored by by 127

spk_0:   56:45
Jim 127 or somewhere around there. Not that it's stuck in my eye,

spk_3:   56:53
But I'm not sure that I don't know that we would be able to do that this year again. That church, we would have too many people now. Yeah. If we ever say what you did all that I don't know if we would have to maybe have a special place again, we might

spk_0:   57:07
have some more commercials. Jolliffe gets there was a regional. Did five all right, for I like my favorite.

spk_5:   57:28
My one of

spk_2:   57:29
my favorite re towards someone. He suppose we're

spk_5:   57:31
going back and forth

spk_2:   57:32
about working out the car and stuff. It's the guy goes there, remembers out there that are working non union, get qualified.

spk_0:   57:40
Now there's an informed guys against that again. People just like you know what we do. Our podcast.

spk_2:   57:48
We should do. At least here's post of the week

spk_0:   57:51
Way right Post is a way of which isn't from

spk_3:   57:56
most people. Today is final Bay to qualify years, June June

spk_0:   58:02
thinks is the end of a court. No end of June. June 30 30. Guys, everyone has a different eye. My

spk_2:   58:11
quarters out up till October

spk_0:   58:15
covered. No qualifying. Michael starts. October starts, starts. Let's say that I know what's next. That's

spk_6:   58:43
a good idea of another. Yeah.

spk_5:   58:45
Yeah, Whole healthcare episode

spk_0:   58:49
Next on the agenda is disgusting. 27 minutes of silence for the

spk_3:   58:57
next agenda simply actually would be when we when we choose to do these again, actually, because this is just a breakfast. So when we choose, we have four shows in the can. The question becomes, and this is gonna be obviously related to our good man Jack Levy standing right

spk_0:   59:15
now. Cast

spk_6:   59:20
age. Don't forget it. It's gonna be related to

spk_3:   59:22
whether or not we do two shows twice a month or them once again try and do a whole one day where we do four with a little more time in between them this time than we did last time, and that's I know gonna be related to guests or whatever. But we haven't really plotted out what we'd like those four shows to be, other than the fact that we definitely know we want them to be related to the elections. We want to be related to theatrical WW, but we don't want ever have more than four people in the room. So either to Uw's two guests, if they come together or if it's Ah, three and one. But that would be the next conversation we have to have, man.

spk_1:   59:58
I just There's one guest that I want to get. It's not a celebrity, but I think when we talked earlier about the discipline thing, if we could find someone and we could make their way, don't we, Jack? If we could disguise their voice, can you do that just to talk to someone that's been disciplined? And what if they were willing to to share it? We could disguise their voice and just ask around. I think that could be it could be huge, exactly like they do in 60 minutes. Yeah, I think that's just just promising someone anonymity. But I think that's a game changer right there. Like we're gonna have. You know, I think what Kelly's up for. Kelly Pendergraft Not you Kill but Kelly Pendergraft and someone else. You know that wants to talk about going fight corn, how they're coming back. Coming. Yeah, so about it. But again, someone getting disciplined. That's a That's a big before. Before that, that

spk_3:   1:0:56
would be related to having gone fi core comeback discipline. That's one. You have one right? Potentially. Jason. Yeah. Jason George Ratchford. Totally into disgusted theatrical contract. Great. He was coaching his son's baseball team. It was picture day or something. So that's three. And then we were possibly going to look to have the next president of the union. So that would be That's before the ex president ex expressed the

spk_8:   1:1:25
person. That was

spk_3:   1:1:26
yes, that person,

spk_0:   1:1:29
Technically, how does that sound? Everybody out of those four sound that works you won't know how to get home. Reagan. Regan, Just gotta believe you got me. Oh, don't see Oh ee Oh,

spk_1:   1:1:49
I think we get guests. Think those are the

spk_3:   1:1:52
four conversations that we have because they're all gonna surround what just happened? Commercials, theatrical and also elections. So

spk_5:   1:1:59
I think just when we have the X, whoever experts and we bring on, they're obviously gonna be affiliated with a certain ideologies where they are. We have to keep a tight rein on that one.

spk_3:   1:2:08
Yes. So you have

spk_8:   1:2:09
that one before or after the election,

spk_2:   1:2:10
we'll have

spk_7:   1:2:11
ah have a

spk_2:   1:2:12
shot. We'll have a cattle

spk_5:   1:2:13
prods. Know That's

spk_0:   1:2:14
a really good question. I think after that Wait, What was

spk_2:   1:2:22
the only thing about that is we set it up with Give us his history is fine, But tell us how you would change things positively not what it's about. It's the same thing. We're gonna tell the candidates. What is the positive message you want to put out? We don't want to hear what you're against. We wanna hear what your four.

spk_5:   1:2:45
But if this X let's say the ex president is someone who agrees with, um well, I didn't slip. If you f s. Let's say that because I'm with you. I'm fast. I'm gonna throw them under the bus on this one. Let's say the ex president, someone who is a member of the night for strength they believe in that slate. They come on, and all the positive things they're saying are just on Gabrielle Carteris the slate right now we basically have given one candidate a platform. Think it should be not given to Jane for Matty. Right? So maybe afterwards or something, we gotta reach out and get somebody

spk_2:   1:3:17
that podcast and go after the elections, too. I mean, it's just about informing. I don't think the airport

spk_6:   1:3:26
no bringing an airline. I don't want us to confuse when we record something as to when it gets

spk_0:   1:3:31
really rewarding tomorrow and release it. But I have

spk_5:   1:3:35
a plan release date. We gotta make sure that way

spk_1:   1:3:37
we don't have a plan.

spk_0:   1:3:39
Oh, good. Well, in that case, whatever you guys want to do, I don't care.

spk_2:   1:3:41
So because on top of that week, it as someone who has, they're gonna be on another slate, come in and talk about their what they would do, how they see things going positively forward. It's always about forward speaking. We honor the past. It's always about what you what do you see? Sag after in five years, sack out for ay aht. See? You know

spk_5:   1:4:04
what? After equity? I could definitely,

spk_0:   1:4:06
But I mean, just it would be

spk_2:   1:4:08
a forward thinking conversation. You know,

spk_5:   1:4:12
I think we should get David Jolliffe, Bill Charlton in a room.

spk_0:   1:4:17
That's what you get for showing a little Just God, I'm just so you would be fun if way got shot in the middle and just let

spk_5:   1:4:25
him go Because those guys have so much knowledge and they disagree

spk_0:   1:4:28
so much, and

spk_8:   1:4:30
I give them both credit once in a while. I witnessed,

spk_5:   1:4:32
You know,

spk_8:   1:4:33
when they agree. Thank you. They do draw attention.

spk_0:   1:4:36
Sara, this was a text. This was a text from him during a certain room. When

spk_6:   1:4:40
he goes, Hey, kid, maybe if they agree, we should just don't

spk_0:   1:4:43
shut up. That's exactly what it is. Also, Jolliffe Jolliffe

spk_5:   1:4:49
in Charles agree on something. It's time to shut up.

spk_0:   1:4:51
It's good. I gotta find a dozen things. It is a really good idea. Well, something like we're all in this

spk_6:   1:4:57
together, right? We have some incompatible ideas about how to move forward. Everybody's trying to do good and volunteer and just make things better. So

spk_5:   1:5:05
thank you. Wait. You're saying nobody is evil? Nobody's trying to destroy

spk_0:   1:5:10
that say that every time I see nobody, I mean nobody from like

spk_5:   1:5:16
a group. I might disagree with you saying they're not evil.

spk_0:   1:5:19
I think they're not evil. I

spk_6:   1:5:21
think they're just trying to show up and do so.

spk_5:   1:5:24
Maybe we just have an honest disagreement of ideal.

spk_0:   1:5:25
Yeah, probably not. The cure. You're not going anywhere. Time with that antagonism sells a lot more airplane acknowledge, and that's a sad way. Kevin,

spk_8:   1:5:39
if you have a premature

spk_2:   1:5:41
don't you listen the most podcast that doesn't It's a lot of talking about ideas, and it's just a conversation like we're in the same room. We're not gonna be calling you an asshole because I disagree with what you're saying.

spk_0:   1:5:53
Way talk about our differences.

spk_2:   1:5:57
Hopefully, we'll talk about it in a way that's not gonna be insulting to either one of us. You know, we're all in this Internet Twitter world where we can call everybody ass hole. But I I see a lot of Congress's be saying that to this person from

spk_0:   1:6:11
getting pointed out. I'm not pointed. You have felt important competition, I know, but I don't respect, but out of respect, I

spk_2:   1:6:21
might disagree with you, but I wouldn't get killed that way. That's the difference in a podcast than a Jerry Springer show. I think what you're referring to.

spk_3:   1:6:34
I want to be a Whitson Ventura, please. I'm saying that

spk_0:   1:6:37
I got to go put money in my meter. It was like

spk_8:   1:6:41
that. When you look people in the eye and you're in a row sharing space, it's the better. Judgment tends to come over versus this stuff that happens online. What about union stuff? Certainly other larger issues in our country right now. It's like, Are you kidding?

spk_7:   1:6:55
It's amazing that there's so much back history between these two factions that it's just like biblical. It

spk_1:   1:7:02
goes. It goes back more than a merger goes back decades, which I would love that I would love to ask some of those people like, What is it done for the union? That's vitriol. What what good has come out of this vitriol? But you guys have had towards each other, and I'm sure they have some pat answers of like,

spk_0:   1:7:19
Well, we got this past and the others think that not

spk_5:   1:7:22
that it's that we have held off the other side from implementing things that would destroy the union. If you're talking about one side, if the side happens to be out of power at that time, their attitude is well. We have provided a check on the people in power from using their either misguided ideas, naivete, lack of intelligence or plain evilness destroying the union. And if it's people who are in power, we have kept these people from there even a lack of intelligence, plain evil. That was the other one from getting into power and using that power to destroy the union.

spk_1:   1:7:54
Yeah, it Zaki,

spk_7:   1:7:56
when you hear somebody say one faction, I just wanna wipe them from the face of the Earth

spk_1:   1:8:05
score. Stuart scores. They're the reason I'm

spk_8:   1:8:09
making a plug for the three people that will listen to this outside of his room. If you

spk_0:   1:8:12
are fresh, full of fresh ideas, really, is God come in again? Is there 1/4 person there yet forces

spk_1:   1:8:21
hobbies in his car? Is that money? And it's meter, since since I was

spk_3:   1:8:26
actually at one of those early meetings for the group that was called Performers Alliance that eventually turned into members First, I would tell you between the president's at that time and what went on between basically 98 99. Up until, let's call it murder. 12. Those 12 14 years. If I were appointed a bunch of things that didn't help the Union, they would have been all things that were not done rather than things that were done. Yeah, basically, it's a lot of a lot of ineptitude of things that just got stopped. That didn't occur. Now there are things that have occurred that I'm not a big fan of, but a lot of the stuff that I've witnessed for 20 years. They've got a lot of us would just didn't get done. And a lot of it was from top leadership that I didn't have the sack. I was just inept. Didn't want to be a part of getting labeled for doing something I don't know, but most of it was just lack of action. As for those 10 years from like 98 tow away lack of action, and a lot of it got thrown into this. Yeah, but then you and seven stands on each side of the street. It's not even it's not even the jets in the just start. Thank you. No one ever actually takes a swing at just the water just keeps going right down

spk_0:   1:9:33
the middle of Wilshire and we're walking on Wilshire striking

spk_3:   1:9:37
and the other two sides were just yelling at each other s o we. This group has made a massive impact on how this union views membership up.

spk_0:   1:9:46
That's what I like.

spk_1:   1:9:47
What's the famous book? I don't know if it was, um, Doris Kearns Goodwin, but it was a team of rivals was about Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet, where it was like he brought in people from the other

spk_0:   1:9:57
side of ham. It's like That's how I

spk_1:   1:9:59
view this group and that's how I view like the W. W. Is in the commercial process where it was like you looked in that room. There was a bunch of people that are gonna go to the counter the street and get a burger together after a double doubles but a little different sorts of stuff. But there were certain lightning rod stuff that everyone was like Okay, that sounds pretty good. It sounds pretty smart, and it's well thought out, and I was, well, it at a girl's lunch that Cindy was at yesterday.

spk_0:   1:10:25
Girls didn't know how to do lunch. Man. Women know how to do

spk_1:   1:10:27
much, and we all agreed that when the pocketbook gets hit, everybody agrees. That's what's going on. Separate checks, baby separate. When the pocketbook gets hit, everybody starts to 10 degree. So if we can in some way bring people together before our pocketbooks hit any way

spk_7:   1:10:52
we have a common enemy

spk_1:   1:10:54
gotta figure them out so they can't be the trolls under the bridge. Let them walk

spk_6:   1:10:58
right in. The competition amongst ourselves needs to be something that leads to excellence. It looks like the exporting events is right. So those competitions people get better. Did you join the

spk_8:   1:11:10
softball team that

spk_5:   1:11:14
there was a moment because of confidentiality and all that? I can't say who, where, what or when it happened, But Q. And I gave each other a high five in a particular thing that was happening when two people who at one point had had a physical altercation we're on the same side of an idea, and one person got up and said, Yeah, I think that person had a really good idea way were like,

spk_0:   1:11:36
Oh, right, war in the room and witnesses

spk_3:   1:11:39
like Wow, that just happened.

spk_0:   1:11:41
What can still happen? What a

spk_1:   1:11:44
solution or nightmare would be a powerful thing.

spk_6:   1:11:48
Yeah, it could be really hard to have disagreements. Some of us are very since the two of

spk_0:   1:11:54
you saying a bunch of actors kind of fucking looking at me with that one. The second some of

spk_6:   1:12:01
us, you know, we were raised to avoid conference. He's

spk_0:   1:12:04
middle. Brother, I Something

spk_2:   1:12:08
happened to me. I can't say when are where? What it iss?

spk_0:   1:12:14
Yeah, been. There was extremely cathartic moment of silence

spk_8:   1:12:32
that you sure, Because with this slates and certain personas that come forward and feelings around it all, you do I feel like when I was first going to some of the open meetings that the forest was being lost for the trees. You know that. And I I feel now sonny and our meetings and those that that seems like maybe not meeting, working all the credit. But we've disrupted that considerably to bring the focus back to the health of the union and the membership, and particularly like rank and file. That is the most dependent. Strong contracts. Wait. You have a livelihood. Without the contract, wear only

spk_5:   1:13:14
solution based, and I saw it. It gets to activating the rank and file because if they don't show up, that's hard to get. Listen, Tonto, catching on Facebook. I'm looking at the microphone as I say this because I'm looking at you three people who are listening.

spk_2:   1:13:27
I was going to stay on top of that. Kelly. It is times I've been in meetings where its ads go, union or W W. And you can see the frustration like this happened recently to think of this stuff. I could just see their frustration with the whole process with the whole process and the thing that we're trying to give those people who are upset with how slow that battleship, which is our union moves. Is that what were activated? If you come with us, we could get some stuff done. It gives him another avenue in ST Fuck this fuck you going for, like Johnny? Three nuts?

spk_1:   1:14:00
Yeah, I

spk_2:   1:14:01
saw that dude in a in a

spk_0:   1:14:03
meeting in the back. That's his name. Johnny. Three nights he will. Hey, was he was so upset and assist

spk_2:   1:14:10
off about what's going on in his career. That's

spk_0:   1:14:13
why that's why they're there and he was so

spk_2:   1:14:17
pissed. And then I hear that he's working off the car and I went five core of either wonderful suck. Uh, because he didn't have another venue, he didn't have another place to go. There was two lanes, either the slow fucking lane or I'm out of here Lane.

spk_1:   1:14:31
That's that's That's what we're dealing with. That's what we're battling against. I mean, like the numbers. What is it? 3% ish are actual fight for people that have gone through the process of incoming pike or turning us less than 3% turning in your card and being a fi's paying non member right? But there's a ton of people that Oh, man, I've been having health insurance for the last 12 years and I got my pension credits. Then you know shit happens where you have a couple bad years and their first inclination is toe on the union that has supplied them with all these good things. And it's like we're dealing with thousands of those people around the country. We're all her country's money is hurting.

spk_0:   1:15:12
It's like everybody in this country is scuffling. No one's like killing it on the first thing, though, is to throw your money for the

spk_1:   1:15:19
bus is what we're up against. Two. Where there's a lot of those people are there, like, you know, again, I think the Ralph Mather stuff and the stuff we are doing online is great because we are having this discussion. We are shining light on fi core and like or and working off the card, we're having the discussion. So when someone says, Hey, man, I don't I don't blame anybody that, you know, they gotta put food on the table and then we can reply and be like, That's fucking horseshit. Yeah, like we're all holding the line. So you're you're you know,

spk_5:   1:15:53
they're shrinking the table every time they do it. Also, it's a great thing. But again, talking to three people who are listening just so there's no misunderstanding, we're not Ralph matters. We don't know who Ralph Mathers is when you say we like Ralph matters and what you're doing on my way in

spk_0:   1:16:08
general, are you doing? I feel thank you for the disc like, Yeah, I am not Ralph founder. Everybody matters are made. Yes, just happy. I

spk_7:   1:16:21
think you know, I've been in the union for over 30 years. And it's only been three years that I've actually been active. And so I feel this is my making up for lost time. I didn't feel the need to do that. Right Then I you know, Bob Stevenson McCorkell got this group together given Ash with God, the group's gonna It's like, Oh, I guess we could do something way can actually do something. And it became that we are the members. We are the union. Instead of blaming everything about the building and 57 57 who? Those people that you

spk_6:   1:16:55
shocks And, you know, like we're not just

spk_3:   1:16:58
holding the line. I mean, I do think that in the metaphor of the big, difficult, slow ship it is, we are tugboat and we literally a tugboat does in size comparison. I mean, we have at least stopped the direction it was going, and we have started to turn it a bit and I kill you for what you said. I think we absolutely are positive. Considerable disruption. I added the board positive, considerable disruption. But you have a positive considerable disruption is exactly what we've done and all the people from the Kellys and the city. Everybody that supports us. We have been a positive, considerable disruption, and we're going to continue

spk_7:   1:17:36
to be a disruption. Has a negative connotation. My tech that we're all disruptors when actually there just breakers breaking norms of society and state regulations. And it's like we're activators disruptors. Yeah, we disrupted a sort of sort of my, but we've not just we just didn't come in ago, you know? Break it and say Okay, screw that. We're

spk_1:   1:18:00
activating way. Yeah, we're not doing that. What does it move fast and break things? I really

spk_8:   1:18:08
tractor. Sounds like we're climbing a whole building.

spk_0:   1:18:11
I don't like that city drove me. Oh, yeah, that would be That would be a whole dancing

spk_8:   1:18:24
for saying I appreciate what you're saying about how long you were in the union. Similarly, you know, when I got my first job and then became a must join And then when I first qualified for health insurance and that I didn't know until I got the letter in the mail is nothing. And you have a track. I knew nothing about qualified. I didn't knew nothing on Guy completely took it for granted for years. It just was this thing that was you absolutely were a member of SAG after. If you're a professional actor, that's where all the work waas There was not much else to think about and, you know, I don't want to hate it. If it is a positive, at least with this major bleed out in the commercial world.

spk_0:   1:19:05
First thing, the ultimate payment that way. Happy Thanksgiving. Everyone will wear a lot of people because, Kevin

spk_8:   1:19:19
said earlier, if he hits him in the pocketbook, they wake up pretty quick.

spk_2:   1:19:22
I would say it's called complacency, and that is a microcosm of what happened to the union. They became complacent. There was no forward vision. It was just Let's don't screw it. It's

spk_0:   1:19:32
like, you know, arms. And you were just talking about that about the present

spk_8:   1:19:36
place. I just worked. I think about its

spk_5:   1:19:38
workings arrogant, and I think for those of us who I've been in L. A. For a while, we've seen actor run theater companies and think about how insane that it's like Well, now

spk_0:   1:19:50
this is an actor run union with 160,000

spk_5:   1:19:54
people in any bureaucracy is a freaking battleship and takes off 10 miles to make a right turn. And yeah, and then when you talk about combining two of them and all that, Yeah, I think there has definitely been a need for for people to have ah, voice or a venue to come in and say this is what we need. And so when people complain about well, you know, the union doesn't listener. It takes form like, Yeah, man, Look, helping the bureaucracy is so But what was that? Something into a meeting. Well, it's not worth it. When was the last time you went toe one? I've never been to one.

spk_0:   1:20:23
Yeah. Yeah. It's time

spk_2:   1:20:25
for Kevin West favorite Margaret Mead to answer your question. What do you say to those people?

spk_3:   1:20:31
But market means quote. Yes. Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has

spk_0:   1:20:41
on dhe I should be it for us.

spk_1:   1:20:44
I just wanted to say that I'm very I'm very sad that I got my disruptors tattoo

spk_0:   1:20:50
thistles after Jodie. Jodie, you knew? Working dot com Follow

spk_6:   1:20:55
union working everywhere. Instagram Twitter. Thank you.

spk_0:   1:20:58
Wait You know, what I was

spk_8:   1:21:06
gonna say to is, you know, I mean, I've been a member for 20 years, and I didn't either. And then I started going to the W W. And, um, it is I'll say, two people out there that aren't involved. It really is empowering to go into those meetings and thio here. Educated people talk and what they say it. The mike ended up in that contract, and also then you know them. I started hanging out with this Motley Crue love crew. Yeah, um, but that way, you know, when we always we always saying you're working, you know, that way don't weigh, don't endorse any slates or anything. But it really is true that were bipartisan in here, because I I wasn't even really familiar with the slates and stuff. But then it turns out, like some of the members are members of those slates, and I was surprised because everybody does is really neutral when we're in the meetings, nobody's pushing any agendas. And so, you know, if you're if you're listening and you're kind of like, you know, I don't want people gonna try to get a vote for somebody you know, like joining you working because it really is about the members. It's about members. It's not about agendas at all.

spk_0:   1:22:18
It's going to get you all right. Our union union.

spk_8:   1:22:22
It's my It's my pet peeve. You gotta say it is. We are

spk_7:   1:22:27
welcome to the new labor movement. Yeah,

spk_6:   1:22:29
Renaissance. Yeah, but be sure to go to union working

spk_3:   1:22:32
dot com and follow us everywhere, guys. And thanks for your time. Very much.

spk_0:   1:22:35
Wait a minute. One more thing. That's it. We're done. We Oh, uh, all right. You're cleaning up the microphone. I know. It's perfect. Stony Westmoreland, I just

What's the agenda?
A late arrival
Elections and town halls and such
The health of our union, the good of the membership
Magaret Mead and UW wrap it up