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11 - Game Workers Unite, Part 1

May 14, 2020 UnionWorking Season 1 Episode 11
UnionWorking Podcast
11 - Game Workers Unite, Part 1
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UW sits down with the amazing Emma Kinema of Game Workers Unite and now Communications Workers of America. Gamers struggle for fair wages and working conditions. We talk organizing history, stats, and principles.

UW Voices: Mike C. Nelson, Rob Fitzgerald, Kevin Ashworth
UW Guest: Emma Kinema

Topical Links: GWU, @GameWorkers, CWA, @CWAUnion

This episode of the UnionWorking Podcast was recorded February 25, 2020, at Southpaw Studios / ASG Casting. A big thank you to Arlene Schuster-Goss (ASG Casting) & Justin Radley (Southpaw Studios)!

Sound Engineer: Shaan Sharma
Sound Editing: Craig Welzbacher
Executive Producer: Jack Levy jack@podcastsage.com / 818-233-0640

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