UnionWorking Podcast

16 - TV/Film Contract Roundtable

July 10, 2020 UnionWorking Season 1 Episode 16
UnionWorking Podcast
16 - TV/Film Contract Roundtable
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Special Episode! UnionWorking had 3 of its core members on the Negotiating Committee of the 2020 TV/Theatrical contract between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP. This 2-hour roundtable is a non-partisan breakdown of the Tentative Agreement that was reached on June 11. We offer a non-emotional perspective on the specific terms, as well as the process required over 7 weeks to arrive at this Agreement.

SAG-AFTRA members, be sure to vote before the July 22 deadline!

UW Voices: Mike Nelson, Nancy Linari, Matthew Jaeger, Bob Stephenson, Kevin E. West, Kevin Ashworth, Rob Fitzgerald, Kevin McCorkle

Topical Links: SAG-AFTRA Agreement, 318 Million More, Dissenting Opinion 2020, VOTE

This episode of the UnionWorking Podcast was recorded during a video conference on July 9, 2020. 

Sound Editing: Craig Welzbacher

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A few clarifications and corrections, along with an approximate time mark:

  • Hulu is SVOD not AVOD / 38m
  • Large license fees are not the factor in the declining number of syndication. Declining license fees compared to the residuals they must pay to run the show are the factor in question / 51m, 1h12
  • Advance payment of residuals was legally negotiated into our contract back in the day / 1h20
Overview, Summary, Big Picture
W&Ws & Participation (Please)
HBSVOD & Syndication & Apples & Oranges
Background Gains & The Wire
Nudity & Simulated Sex & Netflix & ACTRA
Advance Pay, Consecutive Employment, Options & Exclusivity
Newbie here! What can I do?
Workbench is the new Kitchen Table
O&E Redux
Travel, Short Content
Facilitating Focus on the Future for Fruition
Wrap. Read! Vote!